Monday, November 28, 2011 Broadcast

On the sacred date of 11-11-11, I was privileged enough to be allowed some time for live performance on the locally produced internet radio station WGAY. Having transitioned from pirate radio some time ago with a transition to life in College Park, Dave Kolesar has been hosting a talk/music shows out of his home for 30 years plus. I had a lot of fun expressing my take on inspiration/life/being and I encourage ya'll to feel the anti-cataleptic vibes I put out in psychedelic fashion by taking a listen HERE. If you want to skip all the rambling I do (and you probably do) then after the first set is done jump ahead to 50 minutes in. This was all 100% improvised and my poetry reading was 100% awful, didn't feel like editing this so take it for what it is!


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