Monday, November 28, 2011 Broadcast

On the sacred date of 11-11-11, I was privileged enough to be allowed some time for live performance on the locally produced internet radio station WGAY. Having transitioned from pirate radio some time ago with a transition to life in College Park, Dave Kolesar has been hosting a talk/music shows out of his home for 30 years plus. I had a lot of fun expressing my take on inspiration/life/being and I encourage ya'll to feel the anti-cataleptic vibes I put out in psychedelic fashion by taking a listen HERE. If you want to skip all the rambling I do (and you probably do) then after the first set is done jump ahead to 50 minutes in. This was all 100% improvised and my poetry reading was 100% awful, didn't feel like editing this so take it for what it is!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

David Peeler - Ano Hito EP

Feel like everyone should hear this; meditate!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

410 love N the 301

I first encountered SOOHAN @Domefest 2011. Enough said. But his deftly navigated channels of deep bass and psychedelic embellishments didn't prepare me for the awesome breadth of Baltimore Club tracks that awaited me on his soundcloud. Be sure to check his page out as well as the MANIFEST events.

If you haven't heard of Baltimore Club, his work is a psychedelic place to start. Baltimore music pioneers from hip-hop & house to disco & go-go have been constructing the hype machine that is Bmore Club for years and years now; the resulting energy is nothing short of too much to not dance to. If you're listening while reading, you're probably reading faster.

Moombahton is taking off across the world because it's not hard for most people to recognize something true!
Read up on some moombahTRUTH straigh outta the DMV!

Fellow UMDCP student Jeff Gratton, DJ KnoxBox, pays dues to moombahcore in each of his latest mixes, presenting smoothly executed pre-2k10-dubstep references with a trap spin.

Take a peep at this mix if you dare to see yet another kids remix of the song (Afrojack's remix of Moombah, originally by Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie) through which Dave Nada was able to create a [dance] movement of cultural proportions.